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picture Study Skills/Homework Coaching Students learn to organize their materials, plan their time, and manage concepts and information.
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pictureReading Students develop reading comprehension strategies to apply in all subject areas.
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pictureWriting Students master the 5-step writing process for multi-paragraph compositions, essays, and research papers.
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pictureSocial Studies Students connect past events and issues to broader historical themes and to the world today.
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Bruce Kaneb, tutor BK Tutoring provides middle school and high school students professional tutoring services by Bruce Kaneb.  I have over 20 years of experience in education as a teacher, department chair, and assistant principal at Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School and as a professional development director at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and at the University of Notre Dame.  

I am a graduate of Duke University, Boston College Law School, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Boston College Lynch Graduate School of Education.  I currently tutor at Saint John's Preparatory School in Danvers and have volunteer tutored at Beverly Bootstraps and Girls, Inc in Lynn. I seek to collaborate with students and parents to improve students' academic performance and equip them with the independent learning skills to sustain success on their own.  

I will be happy to meet with any parents and students interested in BK Tutoring's services.  Please see the "Contact" page to do so.

Personalized Tutoring

BK Tutoring recognizes that each student possesses unique academic talents and needs, so all of the services BK Tutoring provides are individualized. Specifically, BK Tutoring offers students an array of strategies to improve their Study Skills, Writing skills, Reading skills and Social Studies skills.

Ultimately, with guidance, each student chooses which of those strategies best complement their learning style(s)and uses them to improve their classroom performance and fulfill their long-term learning goals.

Lifelong Skills

BK Tutoring possesses expertise in areas of Study Skills and Homework Coaching, Writing, Reading, and Social Studies. Through personalized tutoring, student effort, and parent cooperation, students will improve their academic performance. 

Beyond this, however, BK Tutoring seeks to instill in its students long-term habits of mind, Study Skills and processing skills that over time will lead students to academic independence.

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